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A Royal to-do

While Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be the focus of attention when they get married next month, many guests and commentators will also be keeping a close eye on a few others who will be taking a star turn at the wedding.


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge plus their children, Prince George, three, and Princess Charlotte, two. Pippa and James are also expected to be in attendance but exactly what roles will they play, we wonder? And, of course, the real question on everyone’s lips..Markle’s dress! See Spring ’18 trend predictions here.

At The Wedding & Prom Dress Bridal Factory Outlets we have it covered so that you too can get a firm grip on the etiquette of your guests involvement and just what you can expect from them.

Members of the Wedding Party

• Maid/Matron of Honour / Chief Bridesmaid
• Best Man (and/or Best Woman)
• Bridesmaids
• Pageboy and/or Ring Bearer
• Flower Girl
• Ushers
• Other VIP’s chosen for special roles (readings, singers or musicians)
• The officiate (the register or the minister)
• Minimum of two witnesses: people who will be witness at your wedding and who will sign the register afterwards. They can be family or friends.

Usually a wedding party involves between two to six people, with a bridesmaid and usher for every 50-55 guests, but it’s entirely up to you!

So who does what?

Maid of Honour / Chief Bridesmaid

Get organising

From keeping on top of the wedding to-do list, to helping to choose the dresses, creating a timetable, lining up attendants at the ceremony, holding the bouquet, serving up the wedding cake and helping the bride plan for her honeymoon, your job is all about making sure the bride is stress-free in whatever was is needed. Let’s not forget planning a fun hen do (keeping the bride’s interests in mind, of course!)

Be there

The bride chose you for a reason, because she wants you with her on this special, and likely emotional day. It’s all about being with her, as a friend and moral support. Be by her side for the important moments, from the rehearsal to getting ready for the day.

Is everyone having fun?

The happy couple are probably going to be a little preoccupied, mingle around at the reception and make sure everyone is having a great time – and have fun yourself, you’ve earned it.

The Best Man

Get organising

Like the Maid of Honour, it’s your job to be the groom’s right hand man, to help with the arrangements and help things run smoothly on the day. From helping choose the outfits and then picking them up, to discussing seating and parking arrangements at the ceremony, managing transport for the guests and discreetly paying church fees and tips. You’ve also got to keep the rings safe, and make sure the groom is ready and makes it in time – it’s quite the responsibility. Of course, there’s also the stag do to plan.


The best man speech should be memorable, so have fun with it. If there’s no Toastmaster, you’ll also be calling for the first speech, cutting the cake and announcing the departure of the happy couple. Have a mingle and make sure everyone is having a good time.

Decorate the car

For a little extra fun on the big day, you might want to sneak out and decorate the car for the bride and groom.

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Help the bride choose both her dress and yours, and make sure to attend any fittings so it’s all just right on the day. This should be a fun experience you can share with your fellow bridesmaids.

Hen do

Help the Maid of Honour to plan a fun hen do that everyone will enjoy, and make sure you’re there, as it’s sure to be a night you won’t want to miss.

Help out

Whether it be any jobs that need organising in the run up to the day, attending the rehearsal, or helping the bride get ready on the day, be on hand to make sure everyone, especially the bride, is having the best time they can.


Make arrangements

There’s a lot to do in a wedding, and your role is key to making sure it runs smoothly. Your role includes being the first to the ceremony, planning parking and trasnport arrangements, collecting order of service sheets, arranging the bride’s arrival, organising people for photos, even providing umbrellas should it rain. Meet up with the Best Man to work out exactly what you’ll be doing.


You’ll be doing a lot of greeting, so warm up those vocal muscles. It’s your job to escort the guests to their seats at the ceremony, distributing buttonholes. Then again at the reception, greeting the evening guests.

Mother of the Bride


Your little girl is getting married! Let everyone know about the wedding. From wedding announcements in the newspaper, to shout outs over the radio, spread the word to the press that you’re proud to be the mother of the bride.

Guest list

Liase with the Groom’s family to pull together a guest list, you might even want to organise a dinner or lunch to bring the two families together – you’ll all be family from now on. Send out save the date cards and wedding invitations, make sure you know who is actually coming to the wedding. You’ll also want to set up a gift registry for the couple, and manage that.

Enjoy it!

It’s sure to be an emotional day for both of you, so you don’t need to be told to be there for her, the cheerleader, the shoulder to cry on. You’ve earned all these special moments after all those years of parenthood, so enjoy that magical moment of helping her put on her dress and veil and watching her walk down the aisle.


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Father of the Bride

Walk her down the aisle

You’ll be by your daughter’s side on the way to the ceremony, and the one to walk her down the aisle to give her away. It’s sure to be an emotional day, watching her all grown up.


Traditionally, the bride and her father have a dance at the reception, so brush up on those dance moves and get the tissues at the ready.

Child Attendants 

Is it a good idea?

Flower girls and page boys can look adorable in their little outfits on your big day. Although, if you want to involve them, this should be a careful decision as they might not be mature enough or understand what you’d like them to do.


Woman Holding Hands

Finally, just another reminder to make sure you’ve got the right people around you on your big day. Remember that it’s your wedding, everyone is there to help, but at the end of the day it’s your decision. Bring everyone together, it’s time to get started on planning your wedding. Pssst, the dress is a great place to start!

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